African swine fever found in China, getting area producers nervous

September 27, 2018

NORFOLK - Pork producers around the world are continuing to keep close tabs on the deadly African swine fever as it was just recently confirmed in the Inner Mongolia region of China.

Nebraska Pork Producers Association Executive Director Al Juhnke tells News Talk WJAG the fever can be spread by animal to animal or wild animal to animal contact and can also be found in feed.

Juhnke says if the fever was found in the U.S. there would be multiple steps taken to prevent it from spreading, starting with isolating it.

“We would depopulate those barns, not send that product to market, and test in a zoned area to make sure it’s not moving from where it was discovered. Also, we would want to figure out where it came from, why it’s here, and prevent it from moving to other counties or states.”

Juhnke says the fever doesn’t affect humans, just pigs.

He says they’re currently doing everything they can to prevent it from coming to the U.S.

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