MIAMI (AP) _ The largest pumpkin grown in the United States this year is spending its final days basking in the Miami sun before going under the knife.

''Then we turn it into the world's largest jack-o'-lantern,'' said Kevin Winkler of Slick's Farmer's Market, which plans to donate the 641-pound monster to Children's Hospital in Miami.

Winkler said the market has been buying record pumpkins for 25 years. The latest prize, grown by Edward Gancarz of Wrightstown, N.J., cost $1,500.

The pumpkin measures 50 inches high with a circumference of 158 inches, said Winkler. Also on display this year is a 165-pound watermelon.

The New Jersey pumpkin was only the third-largest in an international competition this year, said Susan Battillo at the World Pumpkin Federation in Collins, N.Y.

A 755-pound pumpkin grown by Gordon Thomson of Hemmingford, Quebec, broke a 6-year-old world record of 671 pounds held by Gancarz's brother Robert. The runner-up was Bernard Levary's 710-pound entry grown in Pontyclun, Wales.