Delina DiSanto: J’aime Morgaine didn’t deserve rude treatment at Havasu event

July 5, 2018


J’aime Morgaine is a veteran who honored and served for our country. She is a very a passionate, strong woman who stands for her rights and defends her stance. She is now running for State Senate LD5. She went to a public event that presented only the Republican Legislative District 5 candidates. She wanted to hear the issues they felt were important to her district. She was berated and criticized for being there by Mayor Mark Nexsen. He continued to berate her in the paper by saying she was “theatrical,” was not invited, and that she “...Perhaps doesn’t know better...” Perhaps Mayor Nexsen doesn’t know better. I know J’aime. She is not a liar. She stands up for what is right. She has a strong voice and that is what is needed for LD5. A strong, confident voice for better infrastructure, protecting your water rights, our environment, public education and more. As I said, J’aime is a veteran and a strong woman. Why didn’t Mayor Nexsen honor and respect her? She deserves better, as all veterans and women do!

Delina DiSanto

Cave Creek

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