Larson chosen to fill vacant Roseburg Public School board position

September 27, 2018

Interim Superintendent Robert Freeman swears Rebecca Larson in as the newest member for the Roseburg Public School board. After being selected as the board member to fill Paul Meyer’s position, Larson immediately sat in on the rest of the evenings’ proceedings.

School board members for Roseburg Public Schools selected a former educator to finish the term vacated by Paul Meyer.

Rebecca Larson was voted in as the new Roseburg Public School board member at the regular meeting on Wednesday night. She will serve until the position expires on June 30, but has indicated she will run for a four-year term if she was picked.

She was sworn in by interim superintendent Robert Freeman, and immediately sat on the board for the executive session and work session that followed.

Larson was interviewed during the meeting along with other candidates Dean Friesen, Theresa Lundy and Tricia Powell.

With four of her five children in Roseburg schools, Larson said she has a vested interest in the school district.

“I am passionate about public education,” she said. “I am passionate about making schools the very best they can be.”

Larson said the high amount of poverty in the area can make it difficult for kids to learn. She also stressed the importance of collaborating with others.

“I like to listen to people, I like to gather information, and I like to come up with solutions,” Larson said.

Larson lived in five different states with her husband and has worked with nine different school districts as an educator, parent and member of committees.

She said in her public interview that her ideal board would be approachable and made “people feel like they can have their needs addressed and met.”

“I’m aware there are constraints, but I think a lot of problems can be solved if people take the time to listen,” Larson said. “I typically have found as an advocate for a student, you have a lot more success if you start at the source. We are working with big systems and there are problems not resolved by blanket policies.”

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