Falconers ask Nebraska landowners to allow birds in the area

November 17, 2017

KEARNEY, Neb. (AP) — Landowners in central Nebraska are being asked to allow trained falcons and their owners on their land next week as 300 participants are expected to gather for a falconers convention.

The North American Falconers Association will have its annual gathering in Kearney from Nov. 19-24, the Kearney Hub reported . The event is expected to host 150 falcons, eagles and hawks.

Ralph Rogers, chairman of the association, is asking area landowners to allow the birds onto their property so they can hunt. The birds chase rabbits, grouse, ducks and some other game.

Falcons need to hunt in wide-open spaces before of how fast they fly, but hawks and eagles can hunt in areas with shrubs and trees, Rogers said. The birds won’t hurt livestock or damage property, he said.

“We need to let people know we’re out there and we do no harm,” Rogers said.

The conference will be hosted at the Kearney Holiday Inn. The public will be able to view the birds while convention meetings are in session.

Rogers said many falconers keep and train birds because they’re fascinated by the animals.

“Everyone will tell you they just saw the most amazing thing happen,” Rogers said about why falconers never get tired of watching their birds fly.

This will be the seventh time the event is held in Kearney.

“It is our favorite venue. Over the 30 years of visits, many of us have made long-term friends in Nebraska,” Rogers said.


Information from: Kearney Hub, http://www.kearneyhub.com/

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