Letters To The Editor 9/28/2018

September 28, 2018


Toxic consequences

Editor: We face environmental problems because elected politicians have done as they please for personal gain and power. No one in the oval office has uttered one word about climate change or global warming.

Never mind the fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, drought and disappearing glaciers. Now we have the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. A toxic brew has been unleashed because of factory hog farms in North Carolina. Their flooded manure pools contaminate every thing they touch. The enforcement rollback by the weakened Environmental Protection Agency on coal-fired power plants will cause an estimated increase of 350 to 1,500 pollution-related deaths each year.

President Trump puts industry cronies in charge of agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Education Department who have done everything possible to harm the departments they head. Trump’s response to the devastating hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico was to throw rolls of paper towels to people who had no homes left to use them on. Trump and his lackeys do not have a clue about everyday life.

People must start thinking about what we have allowed to happen. Think about your children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors. Will there be clean air, water and a safe environment for them? Will they still have health insurance even if they have a pre-existing condition, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and things that will effect their future because they are not rich? Use the power to vote.




Conservation fund critical

Editor: The last days of September mark the beginning of fall. It’s a great time to get outdoors, see the changing colors of forest foliage, and enjoy parks. Now is also the time to save Pennsylvania’s beautiful parks.

What many Pennsylvanians don’t know is that only three remain days to save America’s most important public lands program of the last half century. The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which is scheduled to expire on Sunday, has protected some of our best national treasures here in Pennsylvania, like Valley Forge, Gettysburg, andthe Flight 93 Memorial. It’s also help preserve many local parks. The fund has provide more than $315 million since 1964 to expand and preserve our public lands and keep thousands of local parks beautiful, maintained and protected.

Yet if Congress doesn’t take action in the coming days, the program that protects these iconic places will expire, making it hard to preserve future places that we love.

Concerned citizens should call and email Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and contact their congressional representatives to ask them to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund.





Outsider wants in

Editor: Some guy from New Jersey came to the conclusion that people of Northeast Pennsylvania seriously need his wisdom in Congress.

John Chrin announced he was born in Pennsylvania somewhere around Bethlehem and remained a Pennsylvania resident until he finished college when he began working for years as a Wall Street banker. He apparently lives in Short Hills, New Jersey.

After deciding that he should represent us in Congress, he bought a house in Northampton County where he registered to vote and he then filed to run for Congress. Chrin continually claims he is a real Pennsylvanian, with Pennsylvania values and a wide knowledge of everything Pennsylvania.

He failed to note that the state Supreme Court changed the geography of the congressional district and filed to run in the old 17th District, not in the 8th District where he wanted to run. As a result, Chrin appeared on the ballot in the 8th district, but could not vote for himself because of a lack of residency. Despite this, he won the Republican nomination, which is legal. Later, he bought a property at Skytop in Monroe County, which is in the 8th District.

Rep. Matt Cartwright has lived in Pennsylvania since he married Marion Munley in 1985. Born in Erie, as a child, his family home followed his father’s work for General Electric in New York and Canada. He spent a junior year abroad at the London School of Economics where he met his future wife. He later joined Munley Law and settled in Lackawanna County. It is where they still reside.

Chrin is not a Pennsylvanian, does not reside in Pennsylvania and apparently does not intend to reside in Pennsylvania. I protest his candidacy as someone from another state going to represent me in Congress.




Keep up momentum

Editor: With no right-to -work mentality in Pennsylvania, Lackawanna County has been shunned by most large job creating corporations.

I, like many residents, have been quite surprised by the economic improvements here locally under the almost two years of President Trump’s presidency. Tax cuts accrue to the middle class and not the 1 percent. The need to cut regulations is working here and nationwide. If you like your tax cuts, do you really want to give them back?

This is the failed big government policy directed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and seconded by U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright. Does anyone in Scranton want to become what Philadelphia has become under its mayor’s sanctuary city policy?

One candidate in this race is correct with his message of saying no to sanctuary cities and problems that may result. John Chrin, a native son of Pennsylvania, born, raised and educated here has come to Northeast Pennsylvania with a common-sense business mindset, to give back to the Pennsylvania of his youth.

His opponent, Cartwright, is completely deceptive in questioning Chrin’s residency and roots here in Pennsylvania, while keeping it hush that his formative youth was at an elite boarding school in Canada.

There are more important things at play here than residency. Is your life better today than it was in 2016? Do people want to continue to have a congressman who votes with Pelosi 96 percent of the time? These are questions voters will decide before November.

I, for one, know that the gains that our local economy strives for are within reach and we do not want to lose the current momentum. We can’t afford to go back.



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