Warm up with these songs that feel like spring

March 22, 2019

It’s spring.


The snow is gone.

The weather is warming.

And it’s time to set aside that winter playlist and move onto something a little sunnier, a little happier, a little brighter.

We got you.

Here’s a list of songs that feel like springtime:

“Suddenly Everything Has Changed,” The Flaming Lips

Have you ever woken up and felt like everything is magically different? That’s spring. That’s this beautiful song.

“Happy,” Pharrell Williams

You can’t hear this song and not feel the brightness coming off of it. Plug in and be happy.

“Blue Skies,” Noah and the Whale

Spring is uplifting. A new start. Bright sunlight where it was once dark and cold. Hope. And so, this song: “This is a song for anyone with a broken heart/This is a song for anyone who can’t get out of bed/I’ll do anything to be happy/Oh, ’cause blue skies are coming.”

“Spring Vacation,” Beach Boys

There’s something different about a spring vacation, slipping away to someplace warmer and more relaxed to escape from the monotony of home.

“April Come She Will,” Simon & Garfunkel

Enjoy the spring while you can. Because it’s fleeting. It’s going to turn. Without warning. So get it while you can.

“I Can See Clearly Now,” Jimmy Cliff

As much as I love the original by Johnny Nash, Jimmy Cliff’s feels brighter and wide open, like actual clouds parting to make way for a little sunshine.

“Here Comes the Sun,” The Beatles

One of The Beatles’ best songs feels like a sunrise, the first rays of the melody peeking out before the song opens up to become a full blast of sunshine for your ears.

“Mr. Blue Sky,” ELO

I can’t listen to this song without a big, bright smile on my face.

“Centerfield,” John Fogerty

Nothing signals the first of spring quite like baseball. And every season is a fresh start.

“Suntan City,” Luke Bryan

The country star has many, many spring break songs, but none encompasses the totality of a weeklong party quite like this jam.

“Beautiful Day,” U2

An explosion of color and music? I’ll take it.

“Best Day of My Life,” American Authors

This little mandolin melody, hooting and foot-stomping beat will get you out of your chair and walking out into the world.

“No Rain,” Blind Melon

This happy song is best experienced in its music video form. Remember the bee girl? Yeah.

“Don’t Carry It All,” The Decemberists

A song about the turning of the seasons, the arrival of the brilliant sun and letting hardships fall from your shoulders? Sounds like spring to me.

“Soak Up the Sun,” Sheryl Crowe

Cheesy? Maybe. But it’s sunny, and it’s time to lighten up. Dig it.