BOSTON (AP) _ Putnam Investments plans to shut 11 of its 66 mutual funds, merging 10 of the funds into others.

The move would affect $5.2 billion of the $303 billion under management at the No. 4 fund firm.

``By consolidating our fund lineup, we will be able to concentrate more investment resources and talent on a smaller number of funds,'' Putnam chief executive Lawrence J. Lasser said in a statement, ``and we expect to deliver stronger performance in those funds.''

One of the affected funds is Putnam's technology fund, which lost 40 percent last year, worse than the Nasdaq's 21 percent decline.

The Putnam Preferred Income fund, with $89 million in assets, will be liquidated. The moves, pending approval by shareholders and trustees, would combine:

_ Putnam Balance and Balanced Retirement with the George Putnam Fund.

_ Putnam New Century Growth and Technology funds with Putnam Voyager Fund II.

_ Putnam Global Growth and Income and Global Equity funds with Putnam Global Growth.

_ Putnam Asia Pacific Growth and Putnam Emerging Markets funds with Putnam International Growth Fund.

_ Putnam High Yield Trust II with Putnam High Yield Trust.

_ Putnam Strategic Income Fund with Putnam Diversified Income Trust.

The company also confirmed that portfolio manager Robert Swift, the international growth equities group chief investment officer, will leave the company as a result of the consolidation. The company said C. Beth Cotner, chief investment officer for large-cap growth equities, will also leave.