Outdoor musical instruments coming to Piedmont Park

May 14, 2019

PIEDMONT — Piedmont Park Board members hope the installation of outdoor musical instruments at the park in the coming months will inspire the love of music in children and adults.

Ce Faulkner, treasurer of the Piedmont Park Board, said the instruments, which are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned, will enhance the already popular park in the heart of the town of Piedmont.

The area where the instruments will reside had been a memorial flower garden, but it was labor intensive and often overgrown with weeds, so park board members began brainstorming ideas for what to do with the area.

“I work in town and drive by here. There’s always kids here. It’s a nice park,” Falukner said.

There is a full-size basketball court, playground equipment, and lots of grassy areas for children to play at the park. Besides the outdoor musical instruments, park board members discussed a technology installation where people could play electronic games and also have exercise stations.

“We liked the musical instruments because we could set it up so of all abilities and those in wheelchairs could play the instruments,” Faulkner said.

The park board offered commemorative bricks for sale for $75 to individuals and $125 to businesses to pay for the new instruments which will include flowers, a xylophone-looking instrument called the Serenade, and the Pagoda bells.

They have raised just over $12,000 so far, which is almost equal to what the first three instruments cost, Faulkner said.

“Our fund is now depleted. We need to sell some more bricks,” she said.

The installation will feature an oval sidewalk that is already taking shape. The bricks will be placed inside the oval around the instruments, Faulkner said.

The instrument installation will be an ongoing project with other instruments added as funds come available.

“Our goal for this year is to have the bricks down and the instruments in by July 4,” she said.

In addition to Faulkner, Piedmont Park Board members include Curt Small, Kris James, Marlene Kullbom, Amy Jobgen, Mikayla Graham, Cody Uran, and Amy Bannister.

To be part of this year’s brick placement, brick orders must be turned in by Monday, May 20. Orders can be made at piedmontparksd.com.

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