Early voting reduces wait times -- Paul Moberg

December 23, 2018

As a resident of a village of 1,300 people, my voting experience has never included a wait in line of more than five minutes.

By restricting the period for early voting, the recently passed lame-duck legislation is designed to make the election process fair for everyone, according to Gov. Scott Walker. That is misdirected.

If the true goal is to assure equity and fairness in voting across the state, a far more productive approach would be to equalize the size of precincts to assure a limited wait. It’s a huge inequity when many urban precincts (often with voters who have the least flexible schedules) have very long waits, while suburban and rural jurisdictions such as mine have only a five-minute wait.

If the state Legislature truly wants to make the process fair, legislation to make voting and wait times more uniformly convenient would be a more effective measure.

Paul Moberg, Maple Bluff

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