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Verdicts Came A Year And A Day After Victim’s Death With PM-Howard Beach Bjt

December 22, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ Here is a chronology of events in the Howard Beach case:

Dec. 20, 1986: Michael Griffith, 23, dies when he is struck by a car on the Belt Parkway in the Howard Beach section of Queens. Police say Griffith and two other black men were attacked by a gang of whites.

Dec. 22, 1986: Four white youths are charged and seven others questioned in what Mayor Edward I. Koch has called a ″racial lynching.″ The four are Jason Ladone, 16, and Scott Kern, Jon Lester and Thomas Gucciardo, all 17. Gucciardo is later released.

Dec. 23, 1986: A group of black youths, chanting ″Howard Beach, Howard Beach,″ attacks and beats a white youth waiting for a bus.

Dec. 26, 1986: An alleged victim in the Howard Beach incident, Cedric Sandiford, says he will not assist prosecutors unless they file charges against Dominick Blum, the driver of the car that struck Griffith.

Dec. 27, 1986: Protesters march through Howard Beach and are met by white youths chanting, ″Go home 3/8″ In Brooklyn, one of the alleged victims of the incident, Timothy Grimes, is arrested for stabbing his girlfriend.

Dec. 29, 1986: Murder, manslaughter and assault charges are dismissed against Ladone, Kern and Lester, who are charged instead with reckless endin the Howard Beach case.

Feb. 7, 1987: Grand jury indicts Ladone, Lester, Kern and Michael Pirone, 17.

Aug. 28, 1987: State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Demakos refuses a defense request to dismiss the indictment against 12 white youths charged in the Howard Beach attack.

Sept. 8, 1987: Jury selection begins.

Sept. 22, 1987: State Court of Appeals upholds ruling by Demakos that blacks cannot be systematically be excluded from jury.

Oct. 1, 1987: Jury selection completed.

Oct. 7, 1987: Trial begins.

Dec. 10, 1987: Jury begins deliberations.

Dec. 20, 1987: Anniversary of Griffith’s death marked with church service and black leaders call for protests against racism.

Dec. 21, 1987: Protesters block Brooklyn Bridge and subway lines during evening rush hour; jury finds Kern, Lester and Ladone guilty of manslaughter, Pirone acquitted on all charges.

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