County eyes fix for remote roads, rejects plan for duplexes on Wade Street

January 23, 2019

An ordinance aimed at helping residents in the unincorporated area with substandard roads is expected to go before the Floyd County Commission next month.

County Manager Jamie McCord said Tuesday it would provide a mechanism for neighborhoods to contract for fixes on private roads and pay for the work over three years.

A group from Mountain Lane, off Ward Mountain Road, would likely be first in line. Flooding makes the narrow road impassable at times and they petitioned the board for help, but it’s not on the county maintenance list.

“We’ve also got another one in the hopper,” McCord said. “Harold Drive in Coosa is in a similar situation.”

There’s already a process for neighborhoods to have a road brought up to legal standards and put into the county system, but it has never been invoked. McCord said this would provide a less-expensive option for residents, who would then still be responsible for maintaining their shared road.

Commissioners gave the go-ahead to draft the ordinance, although they cautioned that pending legislation in the Georgia General Assembly could kill the initiative.

The cost of the improvements would be pro-rated on residents’ property tax bills, but state lawmakers may ban any charges but taxes on the bills. If the legislation passes, counties also would have trouble collecting on the electric bill for street lights in residential areas. The board has asked local delegates to block the proposed legislation.

“A lot of other communities are in the same boat,” Commissioner Rhonda Wallace said.

Also on Tuesday, commissioners unanimously rejected two zoning applications.

Fourteen property owners, armed with neighborhood petitions, came to oppose plans for six duplexes on a three-acre tract on Wade Street. The board agreed the project was not a good fit for the area of single-family homes and the extra traffic could pose a problem on the narrow road.

Commissioners also rejected a special-use permit to allow a second manufactured home at 93 Hatfield Road, saying it would set a precedent in an area developing with site-built homes.

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