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Woman Tries to Sweep to Victory With Broom as Her Symbol

May 21, 1990

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ One thing distinguishes Regina Liska from the 11 other candidates for president in the May 27 elections. She’s a witch.

She also is the only candidate making some alarming predictions.

The 58-year-old woman says a nuclear accident in Brazil will kill many people, and a U.S. city will be wiped out.

Known as Regina 11, she also is the only candidate married to an American. Her husband is Danny Liska, of Niobrara, Neb., a motorcycle enthusiast who cruised into town and married her in 1968.

With Regina’s broom, her official symbol, and Liska’s motorcycle, the pair have ridden to fame.

They operate out of a huge, three-story building where there are some rather strange goings-on. In one huge room recently, a dozen people holding hands in a circle swayed and moaned while an elderly man sat in a chair.

No one would say what it was all about.

There is a book store, a shop offering metaphysical paraphernalia and a shop where disciples’ yellow, graduation type gowns are made on sewing machines.

Each night, scores of people, sometimes as many as 300, gather around a large wooden platform to hear Regina 11. She makes predictions and talks about spirits, curing people, abstaining from liquor and cigarettes and voting for her next Sunday.

This is the second time she has run for president. The first time, in 1986, she received 74,000 votes. She had 860,000 but was cheated of victory by fraud, she said in an interview at her headquarters.

Predictions for the coming year?

-An earthquake will destroy vast parts of northern Mexico and southern California.

-A city in the United States will be wiped out by an illness that will be caused by an ashlike material falling from the sky. Ash from a volcano? Radioactive dust from a nuclear bomb? She does not know.

-An earthquake in Nicaragua will kill thousands.

-Nuclear weapons will explode in Brazil. There will be a plague across the land. An earthquake and fires will devastate a Brazilian city, perhaps Rio de Janeiro.

-An earthquake in China will kill 4 million people.

Regina 11 says she has had the power to cure and to see the future since she was four years old.

Her body floated in her room then, and a face appeared in a vision. A voice said she would ″know the world″ through the number 11. Hence, she calls herself Regina 11.

She says she has already predicted to her disciples several major tragedies and assassinations in Colombia. She said the visions started seven years ago.

She has had no visions on whether she will win Sunday’s election.

Regina 11 had enough votes from the last election to warrant the government treating her as a serious contender this time. She, like the other candidates, has received free television and radio time.

Her campaign has only one theme: peace without weapons.

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