Amy Schumer recreates Baywatch scene in pregnancy quip

January 5, 2019

Amy Schumer has recreated the running scene from ‘Baywatch’ to make light of her pregnancy sickness.

The ‘Trainwreck’ star is expecting her first child with husband Chris Fischer and has been using Instagram to document her battle with hyperemesis gravidarum - which is much more severe than morning sickness.

On Friday (04.01.18), the ‘I Feel Pretty’ actress shared a video from her holiday of her pretending to sprint along the beach like the famous scene from the Pamela Anderson-starring US TV series - which saw the stunning blonde model show off her beach body in a tight-fitted racy red swimsuit.

Referring to herself as “eye candy” in the tongue-in-cheek clip, which showed off her pregnancy body in a floral swimming costume, she captioned the post: “I puke anything I eat up until 4pm. But then I’m like...#baywatch #eyecandy #DandG (sic)”

Amy recently admitted she feels “blessed” she is able to bounce back so quickly from her sickness bouts.

Captioning a graphic video, she wrote on Instagram: “Hi I thought it might be fun to see me throwing up in a public bathroom. Deep in my second trimester and all I can say is nope! Yesterday I did a show 90 minutes later. #soblessed #godsmiracle #lepainbathroom (sic)”

The 37-year-old star previously admitted she has had a “really tough pregnancy” so far.

She explained: “I don’t like it. I’ve had a really tough pregnancy so far.”

However, that didn’t stop the 37-year-old actress and comedienne from cracking jokes about expecting a new member of the family.

She quipped: “You know who it’s not fun to be pregnant at the same time as? Meghan Markle! She’s walking around in heels and cradling her baby that’s not even there, and I’m barely wearing underwear.”

Amy revealed her hyperemesis gravidarum diagnosis when she was forced to cancel a show in Texas, as she was hospitalised due to extreme morning sickness.

She wrote: “Texas I am so deeply sorry. I have been really looking forward to these shows. I have to reschedule. I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story. I’ve been even more ill this trimester. I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bulls**t! Sending so much love to the doctors and nurses taking great care of me and Tati! They are cool as hell! And Texas I am really really sorry and I’ll be out there as soon as I’m better. (sic)”

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