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Reports Say 8,000 Homeless in Central Asian Quake

October 16, 1985

MOSCOW (AP) _ Soviet news reports today said that the earthquake in Tadzhikistan left more than 8,000 people homeless and caused hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage.

The reports said the Sunday night quake caused deaths, but the state- controll ed press has not provided a specific casualty toll.

One press report said more than 1,000 people were working in a rug factory when the quake struck and that rescue workers were still at the site.

The government newspaper Izvestia said that 8,000 of the city of Kairakkum’s 15,000 inhabitants were left homeless.

The intensity of the quake was known.

Preliminary estimates were that the quake caused ″hundreds of millions of rubles″ (hundreds of millions of dollars) damage to homes, office buildings, factories and other structures, Izvestia said.

The paper said the quake damaged the Kairakkum city hospital and cut off its electric power, forcing doctors to send the seriously ill to the larger city of Leninabad.

But residents continued to bring dozens of injured to the hospital and one surgeon set up a field clinic where he worked through the night to save the quake victims, the newspaper said.

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