Kavanaugh’s defense seems dishonest -- Cory Clifcorn

October 3, 2018

The Senate absolutely did the right thing in asking for an FBI inquiry into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Strip away all of the political grandstanding on both sides and look at the facts. Christine Blasey Ford gave strong testimony, something even those in the GOP don’t deny. In addition, a lot of Kavanaugh’s testimony was flat out dishonest.

He acknowledged liking beer, but any time he was asked about his consumption habits, he got testy and deflected. He blamed his reputation for “ralphing” in school on a sensitive stomach. Really? His explanations about the jargon in his high school yearbook don’t add up. Google “devil’s triangle” and judge for yourself. And then there’s his “Renate alumnus” explanation. Renate Dolphin herself has condemned it.

None of this is concrete evidence Kavanaugh committed horrific acts, but he certainly seems to be painting a fabricated picture of his behavior during those years.

This is a lifetime appointment. Other candidates are qualified. Even if this nomination fails and the Democrats take the Senate, McConnell won’t think twice about approving a different nominee in a lame duck session.

Conservatives, you’ll fill that seat either way, I assure you.

Cory Clifcorn, Waunakee

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