WVRC helps police in effort to start K-9 unit

May 2, 2019

LAKE MILLS -- The Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center is helping the Lake Mills Police Department in its fundraising efforts to start up its first K-9 unit.

The WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation donated limited edition, collectible plush K-9s that wear a vest with the Lake Mills Police Department patch and the K-9′s name on them, which will contribute $5,000 toward the costs associated with starting up the unit. These plush K-9s will be available to purchase directly from WVRC and the Lake Mills Police Department, as well as other locations throughout Lake Mills.

Lake Mills Police Chief Mick Selck has been interested in starting a K-9 unit for a few years. “We currently borrow dogs from other agencies to help us out, but often they are not available or are too far away to help us the moment we need them,” said Selck. “Time is of the essence in many cases and having our own K-9 would expedite our work.”

The new K-9 will be named after the late Lake Mills Fire Captain Christopher Truman, who was killed while helping a stranded motorist on New Year’s Eve. Truman will be dual-purpose trained, meaning he will be trained for patrol work and narcotics detection.

“The WVRC K-9 Heroes Foundation was created for just this purpose, to raise funds for the medical care and safety of active and retired K-9s in Wisconsin, including the purchase and training of new K-9s,” said Dr. John Beltz, co-owner of WVRC and Watertown resident.

“WVRC also has a personal connection with Lake Mills,” said Beltz. “In fact, I learned about the efforts to start a K-9 unit while grocery shopping with my mother who lives in Lake Mills. Our medical director, Dr. Kari Severson, also lives in the community and brought up the opportunity to help Chief Selck and the new K-9 unit.”

Truman will help out the department by detecting drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroin; locating lost or missing persons; protecting officers when on building searches and other calls; and educating the public.