Front Page Files for Oct. 11, 2018

October 9, 2018

100 years ago (1918)

Three more Butler County men, all in military service, have died from pneumonia resulting from the Spanish influenza epidemic sweeping the country. They succumbed at the various training camps where they were stationed. Military funerals were held for them upon return of the bodies.

Rising City schools, churches and lodges are closed this week because of the Spanish flu. There is only one case of the illness now reported in Rising City.

75 years ago (1943)

Housewives in the David City community are being urged to save all used tin cans to help alleviate shortages of the vital war material. Prior to the war, more than 90 percent of tin used in the U.S. came from territory now controlled by Japan. The Ziehr and Sellhorn grocery store here is the collection point for tin cans.

On account that farmers have been unable to purchase new wagons, W.A. Malovec, assisted by John Ludvik, have been busy constructing wagon boxes. They have built 42 of them in the past month. The work is being done at the Malovec Implement Company building.

50 years ago (1968)

The Nebraska State Parachuting Championship will be held at the David City Airport on Oct. 20, sponsored in part by the David City Jaycees. A jumper will exit the aircraft at a height of 2,500 feet, open his parachute, and then maneuver his chute in order to land on a target comprised of a four and one-half inch disk.

The David City Board of Education has voted to purchase a 15-passenger International carry-all for $3,569. They also voted to purchase 70 band uniforms for about $6,000. Delivery of the uniforms is slated for early January.

25 years ago (1993)

Early indications are that this year’s harvest will produce lower yields than normal. Butler County Extension Agent Delmar Lange said corn yields could drop from the 190-200 bushel an acre range to the 130-150 bushel an acre range.

Three new postmasters will be installed next week at post offices in the county. Lorene Tejral will become postmaster at Dwight, Dick Kunneman at Brainard, and Marjorie Woolsey at Ulysses.

10 years ago (2008)

Dean Struebing from Rising City, 79, retired Butler County Clerk, died Oct. 6. He had been appointed County Clerk in 1960 and held the position for 34 years. Struebing had replaced Joseph Dworak, who died in office.

Endurance Auto and Ag Services opened Oct. 1 in a building next to the United Farmers Co-op gas station along Highway 92 in Rising City. The owners are Gary and LaRee Novak of Rising City. They have also owned Blue River Repairs in Surprise for 21 years.

5 years ago (2013)

Mike and Leona Zegers are observing 25 years in the home furnishing business with an open house at Zegers Home Center in David City. The Zegers have done business across Butler County, in addition to the Columbus, Clarks and Schuyler areas.

Two auto part stores in David City have switched franchises. Rex Rehmer and his Rehmer Auto Parts store now carry the Napa brand instead of Car Quest merchandise. Meanwhile, Mark Rerucha is now manager of the new Car Quest Auto Parts store, which formerly carried the Napa brand.

Compiled by Jim Reisdorff, historian for the Butler County Historical Society.

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