JG publisher wins bar association award

May 1, 2019

Julie Inskeep, publisher of The Journal Gazette, today received the 2019 Liberty Bell Award from the Allen County Bar Association.

The award is the bar association’s highest honor to a non-attorney. It recognizes people who have given outstanding service through time and energy to strengthen the U.S. system of freedom under the law, in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution.

Winners of the award:

1974 Dr. Ronald Pancner, Oral E. Smith, Kenneth Watson

1975 Byard D. Hey

1976 Francis M. Zirille

1977 Dr. Wallace E. Bash

1978 James L. Golm

1979 Allan Classen

1980 Father George Nedelkoff

1981 Becky Haxby

1982 Joseph Squadrito

1983 Ruth Anne Sprunger

1984 Jerome F. Henry

1985 Dr. Bill C. Anthis

1986 Father Thomas O’Connor

1987 Patricia Smallwood

1988 Father C. Corydon Randall

1989 Edwin C. Metcalfe

1990 Harriett Inskeep

1991 Hilliard Gates

1992 Michael Lynch

1993 Rev. Clyde Adams

1994 Dr. Joanne Lantz

1995 John P. Dortch

1996 Barbara Carto

1997 Barbara Burt

1998 Ian Rolland

1999 Rex McFarren

2000 Becky Hill

2001 Michael Downs

2002 Rev. Bill McGill

2003 Judy Whitelock

2004 Sheila Hudson

2005 Denvil “Denny” Meadows

2006 Stephen Simmons

2007 Helen Frost

2008 Leonard Goldstein

2009 Richard Inskeep

2010 Rachel Tobin-Smith

2011 Keith Potter

2012 Ana Giusti, Fred Gilbert

2013 Dr. Saneta Maiko, Ph.D

2014 Andrew Downs

2015 Rebecca Reeder

2016 Chief Garry Hamilton

2017 Matthew Mertes

2018 Glynn Hines, Kimberly Bowman

2019 Julie Inskeep