Nebraska’s biggest fear is pretty funny

October 10, 2018

The site YourLocalSecurity.com (affiliated with ADT Security Services) released its second-annual report on America’s top phobias, state-by-state. YLS did this by looking at Google Trends data from August 2017 to August 2018 to determine which fear-related searches were made the most overall and in each state.

Last year’s report showed that the top 5 fears in the U.S. are fear of the unknown, fear of the number 13, fear of clowns, fear of small, pattern-like holes and fear of the ocean.

This year’s top fears? The fear of people and the fear of spiders.

But of course the question is this: What is Nebraska most afraid of?

Answer: People!

Nebraska’s greatest fear is anthrophobia, a morbid fear of people and social situations.

Which I find incredibly touching on a personal level. I actually do live in the right state, as this is also my greatest fear — as people are monsters, and I dread interacting with them.

Overall, a fear of people and a fear of spiders (arachnophobia) were the most popular fears in the U.S., with each fear being the strongest in 11 states.

Iowa’s greatest fear is a fear of spiders. Ours is the better fear, of course. As with most things, Nebraska beats Iowa (kidding!).

Some other interesting findings from this VERY IMPORTANT STUDY:

» Florida is the only state whose strongest fear is the fear of sleep (Somniphobia, a fear of or aversion to falling asleep at night).

» Texas is the only state with a fear of everything (Panophobia, a generalized, lingering fear that something bad is about to happen; I have that fear, too).

» New Mexico was the only state to have Nyctophobia, an extreme fear of night or darkness).

» Montana, a state with plenty of tall peaks, is most afraid of heights (Acrophobia, an acute or abnormal fear of high places).

» California, home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, has a fear of success (Achievemephobia, a fear of living up to — or not living up to — one’s potential; I used to have that fear but I don’t care anymore).

» New York, with a city where a whole lot of people don’t drive, has Vehophobia, a persistent, overpowering fear of driving.

You can see the full report here. And look at the United States of Fear map below.

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