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Buchanan Blasts OPEC, Gore Proposal

September 22, 2000

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Ending a four-state campaign swing, Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan on Thursday blasted OPEC for the rising price of crude oil and criticized Al Gore for proposing to tap into the nation’s strategic oil stockpile to lower the cost.

``I think that (President) Clinton and (Vice President) Gore have failed America and their failure is responsible for this energy crisis,″ Buchanan said, ridiculing the Democratic presidential nominee’s proposal to oil reserves to drive down oil prices before winter arrives.

``Instead of breaking up Microsoft let’s break up OPEC,″ Buchanan said, referring to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. ``They’ve got Europe by the throat, and here we are begging this price-rigging, criminal conspiracy to help us″ and increase oil production.

``Tell the Persian Gulf countries, if they want us to defend them, `Pump oil!‴

Buchanan’s stop in front of a Roman Catholic book and supply store that serves as his Pittsburgh campaign headquarters put the capper on a trip that also took him to Michigan, Ohio and South Carolina since Monday. About 50 vocal supporters gathered to talk to the candidate.

Green Party candidate Ralph Nader also criticized Gore’s proposal, calling it ``a ploy.″

``The reserve was established for national security emergency objectives, not for bailing out a politician whose long record of receiving oil industry political money and caving in to Big Oil has become an embarrassment during this election season,″ Nader said.

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