Your Style: Zakh Peterson

March 11, 2019

Zakh Peterson was born and raised in Kasson. This past fall, the early 20-something alumnus was elected to Kasson-Mantorville School Board, serving as the youngest member.

Outside of his board duties, Peterson pursues his passion for music education through performing and teaching drumming.

As for hobbies, you can often catch him listening to ’50s/’60s music, watching movies, stargazing, cooking something vegan and reading.

Your style in five words or less:

Cool, classic, simple, black.

What are the staples every well-dressed man should have in his closet?

A fitted dress-shirt, a blazer, and a favorite tie.

How does being vegan impact your clothing choices?

For those who don’t know, that means nothing made with wool, bones, or animal skin (leather). I personally stay away from anything that looks like or resembles animal skin or fur/wool. My wallet is made of cork! Also, I prefer to buy my boots online from businesses I know are vegan.

Favorite season in terms of how it relates to clothing?

Fall because I’m a jacket guy. Summertime is too warm for me.

What clothing pieces do you find yourself reaching for most often?

Black T-shirts and dark jeans.

What wardrobe items do you think are worth splurging on?

Shoes/boots! They need to be stylish but also durable.

Any particular trends you’re currently seeing that you particularly like, or any that you think should go away?

The “vintage” niche, like the ’50s/’60s, is super cool to me and I love seeing people embrace it. I think people should be free to express themselves, however, I’m not a fan of dressing over-the-top, aka “extra.”

Most daring (or regrettable) ensemble you’ve sported?

I wore the ugliest looking “periwinkle-purple” shirt to school, because all my others were being washed at the time, and needless to say, I never forgot that day.

Favorite local places to shop?

JCPenney is my default, but it’s amazing the clothes I find at thrift shops. Oftentimes I’ll hem/dye/shrink an item to my liking if necessary.

Words of style wisdom you think everyone should live by.

Don’t just buy something because you think it’ll look good; always try it on and take a long look at yourself in the mirror. If you feel empowered, buy it. If you only feel good, don’t buy it.