Gering High School construction on schedule

December 16, 2018

GERING — The Gering High School construction project remains on schedule and on budget as updates continue in the library and new entrance.

As the fall semester concludes, staff and students will return next year to a building with hallway access and a nearly completed library. The cross hallways, that are currently blocked off, will be open by the spring semester. Superintendent Bob Hastings estimates the new library will be turned over to the school in mid-January. Once the items in the current library are moved into the new one, remodeling will begin to change the old library into classrooms.

“The most exciting thing I heard from the construction meeting (Wednesday) was that our temporary walls in the hallways will be gone after Christmas, which will be awesome,” Gering High School Principal Eldon Hubbard said. “Living in the middle of a construction site is not without its challenges, although it’s gone reasonably well. It hasn’t disrupted school so I think we’re pretty fortunate there.”

At the beginning of Christmas break, construction will start on the back of the locker rooms. Once the winter sports end, the locker rooms to the south will also go under construction along with the stage by the weight room. Work in that area will continue through the summer once the equipment is moved to a new location.

Work on the new entrance also continues. Hastings is hopeful the entrance into the new offices will come together during the spring semester. The new addition for the Freshman Academy at the north end of the building is also progressing. Workers have poured the footings and are waiting for good weather to pour the floor. Once that is completed, walls and steel will begin going up.

While the market has seen an increase in the price of steel, Hastings said that will not affect the bottom line on the high school project.

“That’s part of the reason why getting started when we started was important because they did a bulk buy back at the beginning of the project, so a lot of the steel, mostly all of the steel that is in the building, was purchased back in April or May and has been sitting on a lot at Hausmann Construction’s lot in Lincoln,” he said.

Renovations to the auditorium will occur later in the spring after the spring musical, which is in April. Over the summer, the construction workers will focus on the cafeteria and lunch room.

To stay up-to-date on the high school construction project, visit https://www.geringschools.net/ghsproject/ghsbuildingproject/.

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