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Gresham Mistakenly Annexes Part Of Another City

April 28, 1986

FAIRVIEW, Ore. (AP) _ Fairview and Gresham liked Northeast 201st Avenue so much that both cities annexed it in a ″goofy land grab.″

Fairview annexed half the street, up to the center line, in May. Gresham officials annexed the entire street in January.

To make matters worse, both actions were approved by the Portland Metropolitan Area Local Governments Boundary Commission.

Kent Leary, annexation coordinator for Gresham, said he was notified of the mistake earlier this month by the tax assessor.

″When I submitted the proposal, I did not know Fairview had already annexed to the center line,″ Leary said last week.

He said the street was not especially significant, that the county maintains it and that the suburbs annexed it to serve as a convenient boundary.

Fairview has the option of deciding how that boundary should be drawn because it annexed the street first, Leary said.

In a recent letter to Leary, Fairview officials cited the ″goofy land grab″ and included a joke list of proposed resolutions to remedy the matter, including sabotaging the Gresham sewer system.

″Some people can take that letter and put it in the wrong context, but the context of the letter is that it’s humorous,″ Leary said.

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