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Previous Major Attacks Against Israeli Embassies and Diplomats With Israelis Shot

August 20, 1985

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) _ The assassination Tuesday of an Israeli diplomat in Cairo joins a long list of attacks on representatives of the Jewish state. Following is a list of major attacks against Israeli embassies and diplomats since 1970.

- May 4, 1970: Two armed Palestinians broke into the Israeli Embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay, killing an Israeli secretary.

- May 17, 1971: Efraim Elrom, Israel’s consul-general in Turkey, was kidnapped in Ankara by the Turkish Liberation Army. His body was found five days later in Istanbul.

- Sept. 18, 1972: A letter bomb mailed from Amsterdam killed Ami Shchori, 44, the Israeli agriculture counselor at the embassy in London. The attack was part of a worldwide murder-by-mail campaign against Israelis and Jews carried out by militant Black September Palestinian commandos. - Jan. 26, 1973: An Israeli, Baruch Cohen, was murdered in Madrid by a Black September gunman. Media reports said the man was an agent of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

- July 1, 1973: Israel’s air and naval attache in Washington, Col. Yosef Alon, was shot and killed as he got out of his car at his home in Chevy Chase, Md.

- Aug. 1, 1978: Two bazookas directed at the Israeli Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, were discovered and safely dismantled. The Israelis accused the PLO of the attempted attack.

- April 5, 1979: A bomb exploded in the Israeli Embassy building in Nicosia, Cyprus. No one was injured. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Syrian-backed Saiqa Palestinian group.

- May 14, 1979: A plot to kidnap the Israeli and U.S. consuls in Istanbul, Turkey, was discovered. Two terrorists belonging to a PLO-allied Turkish group were killed.

- Nov. 13, 1979: Israel’s ambassador to Portugal was wounded in an unsuccessful assassination attempt in Lisbon. A Portuguese terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, which also killed three Portuguese men.

- Aug. 9, 1981: Two bombs were hurled at the Israeli consulate in Athens, Greece, in an attack claimed by a Palestinian splinter group.

- April 3, 1982: The second secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Paris, Yaakov Barsimantov, was shot dead outside his home by a female assassin. Israel blamed the PLO despite disclaimers from the organization.

- June 4, 1982: Israel’s ambassador to London, Shlomo Argov, was critically wounded by a Palestinian gunman outside the Dorchester Hotel. The shooting was used as Israel’s justification for its decision to invade Lebanon two days later to rout Palestinian guerrilla bases.

- Oct. 4, 1984: A car bomb exploded outside the Israeli Embassy building in Cyprus. No one was injured in the attack. Responsibility was claimed by the Syrian-backed Abu Moussa faction of the PLO.

- June 5, 1984: Israel Embassy attache Zvi Kedar was wounded in the hand when he was shot from a passing car as he was about to enter his home in Cairo, Egypt.