McKee brings love of English, reading to teaching career

September 18, 2018

NEEDLES — Kelly McKee is the new teacher for ninth grade English language arts (ELA), freshman studies, and one seventh-grade ELA class.

“Ever since I was little I always loved English and reading,” said McKee. “So now being an English teacher I want to pass that on to the students.”

McKee grew up in Needles and went through the Needles Unified School District system, for which she said she’s very grateful.

“It’s great to see teachers who taught me when I was in school here, because I get to ask for advice and they’re willing to give it,” said McKee. “That’s what I like about our town, the support system we have here is great.”

“I went to San Diego State University to acquire my teaching certificate,” continued McKee. “I had a daycare here in Needles which I recently closed to teach, but now it’s kinda funny because some of the ninth graders I’m teaching I took care of in daycare.”

McKee’s love for English and literature was instilled at an early age by her mom, the late Margot McKee, who she credits with why she became a teacher as well.

“When we were little my mom would read books to us,” said McKee. “At a very young age I was introduced to great literature and that’s where my love for it took off.

“I’m ready to get this school year underway,” said McKee. “I’m excited to teach in a school district with great staff support and I’m excited for this opportunity to teach the subject that I love to the students.”

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