MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) _ Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the 1960s black militant formerly known as H. Rap Brown, returned to Atlanta on Friday to face charges he killed an Atlanta sheriff's deputy.

He was being held in the Cobb County Jail in Marietta.

Al-Amin, 56, is accused of shooting Ricky Kinchen to death and wounding Deputy Aldranon English. The two officers were trying to arrest Al-Amin at his grocery store when the shooting occurred March 16. Al-Amin was captured four days later in Alabama, and had opposed extradition back to Georgia.

Defense attorney J.L. Chestnut said they withdrew their objections because the ``hysteria'' surrounding Al-Amin's arrest had eased and he now feels ``relatively safe going back to Georgia.'' Chestnut said his client was ready to return to Georgia, ``where the real fight is.''

Chestnut said there had been more emotionalism about Al-Amin than about the convicted Oklahoma City bomber.

``This sort of hysteria did not surround Tim McVeigh,'' Chestnut said after an extradition hearing. ``I have never understood that sort of foolishness ... I was not about to rush him back.''

But he said matters in Georgia ``fell into place'' and a joint decision was made during a recess at the hearing to return without further litigation. He was returned to Georgia by helicopter.

Defense attorneys have described Al-Amin as a peace-loving Muslim cleric and neighborhood activist who was framed for murder after he angered Atlanta's organized crime bosses and corrupt police officers by trying to stop prostitution in a black community.

Prosecutor Paul Howard has called Al-Amin's conspiracy claims ridiculous.