Mike Lipskin: Lies about Democrats

November 30, 2018


A letter writer in your newspaper falsely claimed that Democrats violated committee laws regarding the testimony of a woman who claims she was molested by nominee Brett Kavanagh. The woman came forward on her own volition.

Then she repeated the GOP’s eight-year-old false drumbeat against the Affordable Care Act. Facts: ACA has allowed 20 million Americans to get healthcare insurance and eliminated the pre-existing conditions bar to coverage. ACA is more popular than ever, and the Trump/GOP clan has yet to offer an alternative. Democrats in Congress have not called for repeal of the Second Amendment, just a ruling that is in keeping with the reason it was promulgated, for militia.

She then claims Democrats lack popularity. Democrats just won the House, and we now have a Democratic senator in Arizona. Sixty-eight percent of American women favor Democrats and are pro-choice. Another writer said in a Letter to the Editor “we now hear” Democrats want to “impeach Kavanaugh” and widen the Russian Probe. She must have heard that in her mind or needs a new hearing aid. Kavanaugh has just been appointed justice. No one, Republican or Democrat, has mentioned impeachment of him.

Mike Lipskin

San Francisco

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