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NBC Continues Winning Streak

November 18, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ ABC’s ″Moonlighting,″ ″Who’s the Boss″ and ″Growing Pains″ each had their best ratings ever last week and gave the third-place network three top 10 shows, but NBC was still on top.

″Moonlighting,″ the screwball detective comedy starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, was No. 4 with a rating of 25.9.

A rating point stands for 874,000 homes equipped with television.

″Obviously, we’re happy with Tuesday,″ said Larry Hyams, ABC’s director of audience analysis.

NBC continued its sweep of the season, according to figures from the A.C. Nielsen Co. for the week ending Nov. 16. The network won its eighth straight week with an average rating of 17.4. CBS was second with a 15.8 and ABC third with 15.1, its second-highest rating this season.

‴Moonlighting’ turned out to be a lot stronger than anybody expected,″ said NBC’s Gerald Jaffe, vice president for research projects. He said analysts dubbed the show a ″powerhouse″ last season when it garnered an average 30 share, or percent of the viewing audience. Last week, it drew a 38 share.

″It’s a whole new level,″ Jaffe said.

″Who’s the Boss″ was seventh with a rating of 25.2, and ″Growing Pains″ was ninth with a 24.8. The two 30-minute sitcoms precede ″Moonlighting. ″

″Jack and Mike,″ which follows it, was 49th, however.

Jaffe pronounced the week ″typical″ - i.e., NBC in first place, ″The Cosby Show″ in first place, and the top 10 dominated by NBC half-hour comedies.

″Cosby″ had a rating of 35.6, drawing half the audience for the time period.

CBS had two top-10 entries - ″Murder, She Wrote″ and ″Dallas,″ which continued to strengthen against NBC’s ″Miami Vice″ on Friday nights. ″Dallas″ was No. 10 with a rating of 23.7. ″Vice″ was 28th with a 16.5.

″Dynasty,″ ABC’s counterpart to ″Dallas,″ is not faring well against its Wednesday night competition, which now includes CBS’ ″Magnum, P.I.″ ″Magnum″ has prospered since being moved from the death slot opposite ″Cosby″ last season.

″Magnum″ beat ″Dynasty″ for the second week in a row. But both trailed a 90-minute ″Highway to Heaven″ on NBC that ran into their time period.

″If ‘Highway’ wasn’t there, ‘Dynasty’ would have beaten ’Magnum,‴ said Larry Hyams, ABC’s director of audience analysis.

Nevertheless, he said, ″Dynasty″ is undergoing a creative revamping.

″We’re hoping when the story lines pick up a bit the ratings will return.″

CBS wasn’t helped any by ″Dynasty″ star Joan Collins. The second part of her two-parter, ″Monte Carlo,″ was 52nd with a rating of 12.2.

However, the first installment of CBS’ comedy miniseries ″Fresno″ was 13th, though the audience started dropping off before the end of the first two hours, and overnight figures for Monday indicated the takeoff on nighttime soaps was wearing thin.

It airs in one-hour installments through Thursday.

On Sunday, ″Fresno″ had a 33 percent share of the audience in the first half hour but only a 29 share in the last half hour, while ABC’s movie ″Sudden Impact″ starring Clint Eastwood edged up, starting with a 25 share and ending with a 33.

The lowest rated shows were ABC’s canceled ″Ellen Burstyn Show,″ in last place with a rating of 6.2, and ″Life with Lucy″ in 67th place with a 6.6.

The rest of the bottom 10, from the bottom, were ABC’s analysis of Reagan’s address on Iran, ″Downtown,″ ″Crime Story,″ ″Sidekicks,″ ″Colbys,″ ″Sledge Hammer,″ ″Life: 50 Years″ and ″Starman.″

″Crime Story″ was NBC’s only bottom 10 series. The network is moving it to Fridays following ″Miami Vice″ in December.

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