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BC-Super Bowl News Plans,ADVISORY

February 3, 2016


This advisory outlines the AP’s Super Bowl coverage plans. AP stories and accompanying photos also can be obtained from http://www.apexchange.com. For reruns, call the Service Desk (800-838-4616) or your local AP bureau. All times ET. For coverage questions, contact AP Sports at 212-621-1630.

Some of these publication dates may change because of spot developments. This advisory will be updated periodically throughout the week.

AP Sports Extra: Super Bowl Preview

A paginated preview of Super Bowl 50 is available in AP Exchange. Click on the AP Sports Extra link in the left navigation bar or the Graphics tab and search for “Sports Extra” to find a full broadsheet, half broadsheet and tab versions of the page. Please provide a copy of the page to your advertising director as each page includes space for local advertising. The pages can run any time before Feb. 7. For questions, contact Barry Bedlan at bbedlan@ap.org

Leading to the game, we’ll be filing short items to our Inside the Super Bowl blog: http://pro32.ap.org/ap-now-inside-the-super-bowl

Tuesday, Feb. 2


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Jordan Taylor walked into the Denver Broncos locker room last weekend with a big smile and his new custom-made Super Bowl suit, a gift from Peyton Manning. The rookie wide receiver from Rice who was on Denver’s scout squad was Manning’s personal practice partner when the five-time MVP began his comeback from a foot injury in December. This epic comeback? He saw it coming. By Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton. UPCOMING: 750 words, photos.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Michael Oher, who earned fame in “The Blind Side,” has found a home in Carolina at left tackle. Oher has been welcomed to Carolina with open arm, particularly from Cam Newton, who contacted him in the offseason and told him “I need you!” By Steve Reed. UPCOMING: 700 words, photos.


No GoDaddy. Not a bikini in sight. Service messages instead of crotch or fart jokes. As the Super Bowl turns 50 and faces middle age, will this be the year that advertisers stick to, gasp, good taste? With SUPER BOWL ADS-GLANCE. By Mae Anderson. UPCOMING: 600 words by noon, photos.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Off from the field, Panthers safety Roman Harper says Luke Kuechly is “the nicest guy you ever want to meet.” But when Kuechly hits the field, teammates say he changes into a person you wouldn’t recognize — ferocious, fiery and competitive. By Steve Reed. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos by 7 p.m.


PALO ALTO, Calif. — On social media — and yes, he uses it — 68-year-old Wade Phillips is known as @sonofbum. The Broncos defensive coordinator is a character cut from the same cloth as his dad — quick with a quip and as good a teacher as he is a tactician. By National Writer Eddie Pells. UPCOMING: 700 words, photos by 7 p.m.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — He may well play a bit part at this Super Bowl. But Broncos tight end Vernon Davis is back in the Bay Area he has called home for more than a decade. He’s also ready to win a ring after coming up short three years ago with the San Francisco 49ers. By Janie McCauley. SENT: 750 words, photos.


SAN FRANCISCO — With the 50th Super Bowl days away, the NFL is looking toward the future and how technology can change the game on the field and how it’s viewed by fans over the next half-century. By Josh Dubow. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos by 7 p.m.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — When the NFL turned its anvil into a carrot, giving Von Miller a way out of its drug program, Denver’s star linebacker was free to be himself this season — and was he ever. By Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton. UPCOMING: 900 words, photos by 3 a.m.


Of the first 49 Super Bowls, only 10 featured game-winning points in the final three minutes, though a few others have kept fans watching for more than just the commercials. Here’s a look back at three of the Super Bowl’s most dramatic drives. By Pro Football Writer Teresa M. Walker. UPCOMING: 650 words.

Wednesday, Feb. 3


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Kurt Coleman bounced around the NFL the past three seasons before coming to Carolina and turning into one of the league’s best safeties. Evan Mathis was cut by Chip Kelly after going to two straight Pro Bowls and became a reliable starter on Denver’s offensive line. Other key players in the Super Bowl were dumped by a few teams before landing on championship teams. By Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi. 600 words.

FBN--SUPER BOWL-SUNSET KIDS - The movie scripts write it out like this all the time. But how often does it really happen? John Elway is one of the very few to say he won it all, then simply walked away. Now, Peyton Manning is trying to follow in Elway’s footsteps, wearing the same Broncos uniform Elway wore when he walked off into the sunset nearly 20 years ago. By National Writer Eddie Pells. With AP Photos.


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The patriarch of the first family of fourth downs, Craig Colquitt remembers telling his boys Dustin and Britton when they were toddlers that they’d inherit his two Super Bowl rings from Pittsburgh Steelers. Britton tugged on his shirt 30 minutes later wondering when he was going to die. Britton has a chance to win his own ring Sunday when his Broncos face the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. By Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton. 750 words, photos.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Whether it is Cam Newton photobombing his teammates getting off the plane at the Super Bowl, Mike Tolbert playing deejay in the team’s locker room or teammates attending Star Wars movies together, the Panthers have — and continue to be — a loose, tight-knit bunch entering Super Bowl week. By Steve Reed. UPCOMING. 700 words, photos by 7 p.m.


Warren Duncan can claim something in common with Madonna, Beyonce, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and Prince — and he doesn’t hesitate to let his grandchildren know about it every year about this time. All performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. By AP Television Writer David Bauder. UPCOMING: 750 words by 4 p.m., photos. With BC-US--SUPER BOWL HALFTIMES-TOP FIVE.


Thursday, Feb. 4:


Gary Kubiak left his first head-coaching job in Houston with heart problems, an 11-game losing streak and the reputation as a coach who couldn’t take Super Bowl talent to the Super Bowl. Now, after walking the delicate tightrope of quarterback controversy and taking over for a coach who had just gone 13-3, Kubiak is in the big game. Quite a turnaround. By National Writer Eddie Pells. UPCOMING: 750 words, photos.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Panthers team motto is everywhere — on the walls inside the stadium on plaques on the walls and even stitched into the collar of the team’s jerseys - “Keep Pounding.” It was a phrase created by the words of the late Sam Mills, a former Panthers linebacker who died of intestinal cancer. Mills has a statue outside of the team’s stadium. By Steve Reed. UPCOMING. 700 words, photos.


It’s what happens in crowds: Texts, posts and streams take forever or just can’t get through. Cellphone companies want to change that for the Super Bowl. Will it work? By Tali Arbel. UPCOMING: 700 words by noon.


SAN FRANCISCO — Chris Martin discusses what the world can expect from Coldplay when the Grammy-winning band performs, along with Beyoncé, at Sunday’s Super Bowl 50 halftime show. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu. UPCOMING Thursday: 500 words, photos, video by 6 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 5

FBN--DYING BREED (early riser)

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Mike Tolbert is one of the best at a position that’s going out of style. Fewer NFL teams employ fullbacks, but Tolbert is a big part of Carolina’s success. By Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi. 550 words.


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Peyton Manning began wearing a glove on his throwing hand because neck surgery left his fingertips feeling a little numb so it helps him get a better grip on the ball. Jim McMahon and Kurt Warner are among the few quarterbacks who’ve worn gloves on their passing hand. Joe Montana once did it in a playoff game with the Chiefs. Most quarterbacks won’t even consider it, but they might want to try it out because the newest gloves are so tackified they really do improve your grip. By Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi. 600 words. With video.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers safety Kurt Coleman, who had two interceptions in the NFC title game on Carson Palmer, and seven during the regular season, doesn’t have any problem hitting you. It wasn’t always that way for Coleman, who left a teammate paralyzed during a practice at Ohio State, nearly forcinbg him to quit football. By Steve Reed. 700 words, photos.


From celebrities galore to ads that aim to empower, here the biggest advertising trends to watch for Super Bowl 50. By Mae Anderson. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos by noon.


SAN FRANCISCO — Dave Matthews Band performs at Pier 70 for “DIRECTV and Pepsi Super Thursday Night,” the night before Pharrell also performs at the same venue. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu. UPCOMING: 400 words, photos by 6 a.m.

Saturday, Feb. 6


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Cam Newton is embracing the spotlight — like any of us are surprised. Whether it is wearing Versace pants or smiling for the cameras, Newton seems ready to seize the moment and become the first player to win a Heisman Trophy, a national championship and — possibly this week, a league MVP award and a Super Bowl. By Steve Reed. UPCOMING. 700 words, photos.


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Demaryius Thomas is perennial Pro Bowl pick and Emmanuel Sanders became a standout receiver after joining the Broncos. On the other side, the Panthers overcame losing Kelvin Benjamin because journeymen Ted Ginn Jr. and Jerricho Cotchery stepped up. By Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi. 600 words.

— FBN--HALL OF FAME — New Hall of Fame class announced. 9 p.m. EST.

— FBN--NFL HONORS — NFL AP awards handed out. 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST.


SAN FRANCISCO — Metallica talks about performing at the AT&T Park the night before the Super Bowl. By John Carucci. UPCOMING: 400 words, photos, video by 6 a.m.


SAN FRANCISCO — Rapper Iggy Azalea performs at V.I.P. party during the Sports Illustrated Experience. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu. UPCOMING: 400 words, photos, video by 6 a.m.

Sunday, Feb. 7 (early riser moving at 3 a.m. EST)


Between questions about the legality of fantasy football to concerns over concussions that never ebbed, the NFL had plenty to be worried over during a 2015 season that also included weekly doses of bad officiating and almost-unwatchable football. And yet, here we are, Super Sunday for the 50th time, with the league about to take over in Los Angeles and its popularity as healthy as ever. By National Writer Eddie Pells.


Spot coverage of the Denver Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers. By Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner. Kickoff is 6:30 p.m. EST.


Quick bursts of information pre-game and throughout the contest.

Sidebars on entertainment, teams, MVP, key play, other developments.


SAN FRANCISCO — Red Hot Chili Peppers, who were the special guests during Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl halftime performance in 2014, headline a show ahead of Super Bowl 50. By Music Writer Mesfin Fekadu. UPCOMING: 400 words, photos, video by 6 a.m.


There will be plenty of action on and off the football field on Super Bowl Sunday as big companies duke it out on advertising’s biggest night. By Mae Anderson. UPCOMING: 800 words, photo, video by 11 p.m. With Super Bowl Ads-The Latest.


A review of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show starring Coldplay and Beyoncé, as well as national anthem and “America the Beautiful” performances. By Entertainment Writer Dave Bauder. UPCOMING: 500 words, photos by 11 p.m.



— FBN--SUPER BOWL MATCHUPS. By Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner.

— FBN--SUPER BOWL-THUMBNAILS. By Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner.


SAN FRANCISCO — Hacksaw Reynolds could read the nerves all over Roger Craig, so the veteran linebacker pulled the young running back aside in the Stanford Stadium locker room a couple of hours before the Super Bowl that January day 31 years ago. He advised Craig to calm down, then the second-year running back went out and ran for a touchdown and caught two more as the 49ers crushed the Miami Dolphins. As the Super Bowl returns to the technology-rich, football-crazed Bay Area for the first time since then to celebrate its 50th edition, Craig can’t help but reflect on how different the NFL’s biggest show has become. By Janie McCauley.


NEW ORLEANS — Archie Manning speaks deliberately and carefully when addressing whether his 39-year-old son, Peyton, might be playing his final NFL game when he returns to the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. Archie and his other NFL quarterback son, Eli, stop short of predicting Peyton will retire, but they make one thing clear: They’re proud of how Peyton overcame new challenges in the twilight of his career. By Brett Martel.


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — When the architects at HNTB Corporation set out to design a new football stadium for the San Francisco 49ers, they wanted a building that fit the Silicon Valley region where it is located. Retro was out. High-tech and green-friendly were in. By Josh Dubow.


SAN FRANCISCO— In the San Francisco Bay Area, where high rents are legend, residents looking to make a quick buck are offering their homes at super-sized prices to the 1 million visitors expected for the Super Bowl festivities. There’s a “storybook home” in San Jose, Calif., listed for $5,000 a night. A 425-square-foot studio in San Francisco is going for $625 a night. And let’s not forget treehouse for grown-ups in a 150-year-old oak 15 minutes south of San Francisco. It’s perfect for two, you can call out for pizza and never mind that the bathroom is down the tree. Best of all, it’s just $495 a night! By Janie Har.


Super Bowl capsules recapping 49 previous games.



Graphics and Interactives:


SUPER BOWL TICKETS: Interactive graphic displays each Super Bowl ticket and gives information about that year’s game and events.

SUPER BOWL RINGS: Interactive looks at each Super Bowl ring awarded to the NFL’s champion ETA; Monday, Feb. 1.

SUPER BOWL ADS: Interactive looks at some of this years commercials; ETA Tuesday, Feb. 2.

SUPER BOWL HALFTIME QUIZ: A quiz on past Super Bowl halftime entertainment; ETA; Monday, Feb. 1.

SUPER BOWL MATCHUP: Video animation looks at the keys to winning and breaks down the game’s most important matchups; ETA; Monday, Feb. 1.

SUPER BOWL BY THE NUMBERS: Interactive looks at ad cost, ticket prices and TV viewers over time; ETA; Monday, Feb. 1.


SB STADIUM: Graphic looks at diagram and map for Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., site of Super Bowl 50; includes information about the venue; 4c x 4 inches; with AP-FBN_Super-Bowl-Stadium or related stories; SENT.

All moved Jan. 29

SB AD COSTS: Chart shows Super Bowl ad prices from 1967-2016; 1c x 2 1/4 inches; with related stories.

SB TICKET PRICES: Chart shows Super Bowl ticket prices from 1967-2016; 1c x 3 inches; with related stories.

SB TV VIEWERS: Chart shows TV viewership numbers for past Super Bowl games; 1c x 3 inches; with related stories.

SB RINGS: Graphic page looks at past 49 Super Bowl rings; 6c x 14 inches; stand-alone or with related Super Bowl stories.

SB TICKET ART: Graphic page looks at past 50 Super Bowl tickets; 6c x 20 inches; stand-alone or with related Super Bowl stories.

SB 50 PREVIEW: Full-graphic page shows the probable Broncos’ and Panthers’ lineups for the Super Bowl, with analysis of offense and defense; team stats for regular and postseason; play selection charts; 6c x 21 1/2 inches; stand-alone or with related Super Bowl stories. UPCOMING Feb. 3.

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