PAMPLONA, Spain (AP) _ Daredevils braved drizzle and slippery streets Wednesday on the sixth day of the famed San Fermin bull run, with injuries ranging from a gored thigh to bumps and bruises.

In all, eight runners were injured. Two Spanish men were gored in the thigh in the opening stretch of the mad three-minute dash as one of the six bulls plowed into a group of runners. Another man suffered a bump on the head when he fell.

Five other runners were also treated in hospitals for bumps, bruises or scratches suffered in other parts of the course.

In Wednesday's run, six bulls ranged in weight from 1,100 pounds to 1,265 pounds. They ran with six guiding steers to a bull ring where they would face matadors later in the day.

About 1.6 million people are expected to visit Pamplona during the eight days of the San Fermin Festival, which began Friday.

The runs, or ``encierros,'' draw thousands of people testing their guts and speed.