Orchids and Onions: Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 23, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the dumb answer to the onions regarding the mail carrier leaving the flag up. When one looks out their window and sees the “flag” is still up, that says the mail carrier has not been here yet. Oh and I do not waddle. Think before you speak.

Onions to the caseworker who did my medical application. I really enjoyed all of the religious decor at her desk, but the eye rolling and lack of compassion made me feel like dirt. I wasn’t aware God belongs in a place of business. Religious hypocrite.

Onions to the idiot who doesn’t know boating safety. This is how accidents happen. People need to stay on the right side like you would on a road.

Orchids to Final Touch’s Myles. You wore me out as I watched you wash and wax our motor coach making it look like a new one. Your attention to detail is keen; for that we thank you. Buzz and Judy

Onions to barking dogs and the people who keep them. You were confronted numerous times about your barking dog. You did nothing to resolve this issue. Police had to be called and will be called again if barking continues.

Orchids to Catching Air Air Conditioning guys, Billy and Scott. Our unit quit, guess what a weekend? Called seven companies, no one works weekends. 110 degrees, called Catching Air they came in 1 hour, new unit installed on Sunday. Thanks, guys.

Orchids to Tom Tieri for literally saving Frank’s life. If Tom had not been there Frank would not be here today!

Orchids to Monica DeFelice with Chase on McCulloch for all your expert help in making that cash transfer and securing all the documents so we could gift our daughter her down payment. We so appreciate you.

Onions on parents allowing kids to drink carbonated beverages. Youngsters become hooked on such at an early age. The carbon in carbonated drinks is a known carcinogen. Carbon’s made of graphite, coal, and soot. It’s used to filter cigarette smoke. Might as well give your kids a pack of Camels!

Orchids to the three ladies in the pre-college studies department at MCC who were all very helpful in helping me sign up for class. Thank you!

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