Donald Trump dares John Brennan to sue him: ‘He’s a political hack’

August 20, 2018

President Trump said Monday that he hoped John O. Brennan sues him and accused the former CIA director of being in cahoots with the Mueller investigation.

The president said Mr. Brennan won’t follow through on the threat because of how easy it would be to “show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt.”

I hope John Brennan, the worst CIA Director in our country’s history, brings a lawsuit. It will then be very easy to get all of his records, texts, emails and documents to show not only the poor job he did, but how he was involved with the Mueller Rigged Witch Hunt. He won’t sue! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 20, 2018

Mr. Trump brushed aside the support former national security officials have expressed for Mr. Brennan over the past few days. He accused those speaking out of wanting to preserve their own security clearances, not to defend the former CIA director.

Everybody wants to keep their Security Clearance, its worth great prestige and big dollars, even board seats, and that is why certain people are coming forward to protect Brennan. It certainly isnt because of the good job he did! He is a political hack. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 20, 2018

Mr. Brennan confirmed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that he met with legal counsel about possibly filing a lawsuit against the president.

“If my clearances and my reputation as I’m being pulled through the mud now, if that’s the price we’re going to pay to prevent Donald Trump from doing this against other people, to me, it’s a small price to pay,” Mr. Brennan said.

Mr. Trump revoked Mr. Brennan’s security clearance on Aug. 15 and announced that several other former Obama-era officials who have crossed the president may be stripped of their clearances. Former FBI Director James B. Corey, former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates are also on the list.

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