New Downtown Havasu group reincorporated, eyes more events

May 13, 2019

A new Downtown Community Association was reincorporated last week, and Lake Havasu City tourism officials are hoping the group will aid them in bringing renewed interest to the downtown district.

The organization is expected to work with city and tourism officials to increase traffic through Havasu’s downtown area through public events and other endeavors. It will be led by Havasu business and community leaders including Ron Nickle, Mike Bradley, Steve Hawkins, Wayne Malone, Steve Greeley and Artie Collin.

“We’re working with (GoLakeHavasu), but we’re not sure yet where development of the Downtown district is going,” said former Downtown Community Association President Regan Ross. Ross is now the owner of Havasu’s Kitchen Art Workspace, and downtown business owner. “I think Springberg McAndrew Park is where they’re directing their attention for future events … if they get more events to happen on McCulloch Boulevard, it will be amazing … every event here helps downtown retailers.”

According to GoLakeHavasu President Terence Concannon, the organization’s board of directors is looking for ways to help the Downtown Community Association. But with so many business owners operating throughout the district, it may be a challenge to get everyone on the same page.

“We’re trying to get some more events into the district,” Concannon said. “And we’re hoping we’ll be able to get involved with First Friday to bring more attention to the area.”

First Friday, which began holding monthly events in the downtown district this March, represents a collaboration of artists who hope to shape the culture and future popularity of Downtown Havasu. First Friday’s monthly events are only one draw GoLakeHavasu would like to see in the area.

“When I first moved here, I saw Downtown Havasu as a diamond in the rough,” Concannon said. “It’s not just bars and restaurants, but little shops, parks, artists … a few months ago, someone put a little piano outside. These are the little things that make downtown a place where people want to come.”

According to Concannon, tourism officials’ efforts are only beginning in the downtown district, but GoLakeHavasu’s long-term goals will be much broader.

“It’s not just town – it’s all areas of town,” Concannon said. “We’ll eventually be looking into hiring a community liaison, so we can drive interest in every district in Havasu.”