Pocatello man arrested for felony injury to a child

March 15, 2019

POCATELLO — A 24-year-old Pocatello man was arrested for felony injury to a child this week after his infant son was taken to the hospital with a broken leg bone.

Pocatello police arrested Brock C. Elquezabal on Wednesday for allegedly causing the infant’s injury.

The infant was taken to the emergency room on Tuesday, said Lt. Eric Anderson, adding that the boy’s mother believed her son was suffering from leg pain at that time.

Doctors soon discovered that the baby’s left tibia, the large bone located between the knee and ankle, was broken, Anderson said. His fibula, the smaller bone found in the same location, was also bent, but not broken.

Because of the extent of the injuries, Child Protective Services and police were notified.

When officers interviewed the infant’s parents, they learned that the boy had been left in Elquezabal’s care while his mother was shopping at Costco, Anderson said. Elquezabal admitted to officers that he had grabbed his son by the leg when he had taken him out of his crib, but added that he hadn’t intended to harm him.

The infant had been taken to a children’s clinic the day before for a fever, but the doctor told authorities that he didn’t appear to have any traumatic injuries at that time, Anderson said.

After further investigations, police arrested Elquezabal for felony injury to a child.