Tulsi, not just a name

August 12, 2018

Many of you may know, I’ve recently started a natural grocery and wellness store in Huntington called “Tulsi.” Bear with me here, this isn’t as much self-promotion as it might sound. The question we have been asked most often is, “What does the name of your store mean?” Well actually, Tulsi isn’t just a somewhat weird sounding word that is fun to say. It is a weird sounding word that is super fun to say. It means a lot to myself and many other people in the health and wellness community.

The word “Tulsi” has its roots in Sanskrit and refers to a plant that is often called Holy Basil outside of Asia. The word Tulsi can also mean matchless or unique. Tulsi is considered a very sacred plant in the Hindu religion and is grown in the center of the front yards by many of Hinduism’s followers. Tulsi has also been used for thousands of years in the ancient Ayruvedic system of traditional medicine.

These days Tulsi is considered an adaptogenic herb and usually referred to as Holy Basil. It can be taken in capsules and liquid extracts and even makes a pretty delicious tea. Adaptogenic herbs are known to be helpful in supporting adrenal gland function. The adrenal glands help regulate many of our stress and energy hormones, as well as our circadian rhythm. They even play a role in certain aspects of our inflammatory response. As you can see, supporting our adrenals can be very important, especially during times of stress.

Long answer, right? But this herbal adaptogen is always in my daily supplemental regimen and one that I suggest to many customers, family members and friends. Tulsi is a very important herb to me, and with the stress that comes with starting a business, just seeing the name “Tulsi” often made me relax a little and focus more, the same benefits that I enjoy from taking this amazing herb along with the many benefits my newly opened wellness and grocery hopes to bring to Huntington.

Travis Lemon is a certified herbalist and co-owner of the soon-to-open Tulsi at The Market in Huntington. He has worked in the natural health and wellness industry for more than 14 years. He can be contacted at travislemonmh@gmail.com.

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