Jack Duncan: Havasu’s burro problem

November 13, 2018


Oh, those pesky burros are clogging up State Route 95 again and even impeding the flow of million-dollar motor palaces fleeing the frigid north!

While the Bureau of Land Management keeps rounding them up to languish unloved in pens with plenty of water and hay — HEY! — how about Burro Burgers By the Bridge? Other scientific names we can think of might be too ribald for the onion farmers who visit our bridge.

Seems no one wants the little buggers as pets or beasts of burden, and they are protein. Lean, ground up — two or three times to tenderize their toughness — marketed properly, sold out of attractive “roach-coach” trucks, even the kids would love ’em.

Jack Duncan

Lake Havasu City

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