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Far Out, Man: Berkeley Considers Capitalizing On Its Unique History

July 19, 1993

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) _ Could this city known as Berzerkely and the People’s Republic of Berkeley turn its counterculture past of anti-war protests, love-ins, leftist politics and flower power into cold cash?

City Councilwoman Carla Woodworth is proposing that the city market memorabilia to raise money for the municipal till.

Woodworth said a successful store in San Diego sells such municipal souvenirs as old parking meters and manhole covers.

″It would be fun selling off old parking meters, but I was thinking of more unique things - like the signs that announce Berkeley is a nuclear-free city,″ said Woodworth.

The idea inspired an onslaught of suggestions for merchandise, such as roach clips for marijuana cigarettes fashioned in the shape of University of California Berkeley’s landmark campanile tower and clods of dirt from the People’s Park.

Other suggestions: ″Silly Putty″ bullets fired during riots at the park or T-shirts bearing obscenities directed at Berkeley police.

Some envisioned souvenirs picturing a Berkeley house where federal agents found LSD being made and signs saying: ″We’re not all weird in Berkeley.″

″If they’re looking for surplus Berkeley items, there must be a lot of copies of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book left over from the 1960s,″ said longtime resident Nancy Ellinger.

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