Alcohol licensing is topic

March 6, 2019

The Watertown Common Council will meet Tuesday to take action on the second reading of an ordinance governing issuing licenses to sell alcohol. The change states liquor or beer licenses will not be issued to people with an arrest or conviction record, but the licensing board may consider circumstances surrounding the offense.

The ordinance change includes the wording “arrest” in addition to “conviction” for applicants. The common council will also review an ordinance on its first reading to amend the floodplain and shoreland-wetland zoning through inclusion of a FEMA Letter of Map Revision.

Members of the common council will make a decision on an agreement with Esri for services related to a GIS license agreement.

Another agreement is with Northern Sewer Equipment Co. for a new trailer rodder machine.

One resolution would authorize a sale of a garbage truck on the Wisconsin Surplus Auction site.

The common council will review a resolution to submit the 2018 Storm Water Report. Another resolution will authorize an update with the Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Teams Agreement.

The common council will take action on a number of resolutions that regard purchases. They inlcude:

-- A plow, mount assembly and wing from Burke Truck.

-- Up to 900 tons of salt from Morton Salt.

-- A 2017 Dodge Ram 1500ST from Grinwald Ford.

-- A tandem axle truck chassis from V&H Truck.

-- A tandem axle truck body with hydraulics and sander from Casper’s Truck Equipment.

-- A tractor backhoe from Brooks Tractor.