Provo man arrested for reported sexual assault at motel

March 25, 2019

A 32-year-old Provo man was arrested following a reported sexual assault at a motel late Saturday.

Provo police officers responded to a domestic violence report at the motel and found an unconscious female in a room that had a broken front window, according to police reports. Occupants in that same room told the officer that the woman was initially found unconscious in the motel room above.

Officers went to the second room and attempted to make contact with a man later identified as Derek Chris Thompson. After initially being uncooperative and not opening the door, Thompson opened his window and yelled at officers. He then closed the window and reportedly told police he was going to grab a gun.

Thompson then walked up and slammed his fists in the window, breaking the glass, according to reports. The officer discharged his Taser through the window, but Thompson moved to take the prongs out of his chest, reports state.

Officers then deployed more Tasers and fired pepperballs at the man before kicking down the door and entering the room. Thompson reportedly advanced toward the officer in the room, which led to another Taser shot, according to reports.

Thompson reportedly continued to fight before and after officers placed him in handcuffs.

Officers interviewed the witnesses who said they found the woman unconscious in the second room with Thompson. When they tried to remove the woman, Thompson followed them down to the first room and punched the room door before punching and breaking the room window.

Another witness reported seeing the woman in Thompson’s room and that the woman’s pants and underwear were pulled down. When the witness entered the room, Thompson reportedly grabbed the witness by the throat and pushed her against a wall.

The woman that was initially unconscious was taken to the hospital where she was interviewed by a detective. The woman reportedly said that Thompson engaged in nonconsensual oral sex and he refused to stop. He also touched her inappropriately with his fingers, reports state.

Thompson reportedly told police that the oral sex was consensual.

Thompson was arrested on suspicion of first-degree felony counts of object rape and forcible sodomy, third-degree felony counts of aggravated assault and assault by a prisoner, and misdemeanor counts of interference with an arresting officer, criminal mischief and threat of violence.