City’s ballot could print some candidate names in all caps

August 22, 2018

HOPEWELL, Va. (AP) — Election officials in a Virginia city are sticking with a plan to create ballots that print the names of only some candidates in capital letters.

Hopewell’s newly appointed registrar, Yolanda Stokes, submitted a draft ballot for November’s election that lists three city council candidates’ names entirely in uppercase. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the city’s electoral board voted 2-1 on Tuesday to stand by Stokes’ decision.

State election officials have warned Stokes that printing names in all caps isn’t permitted.

Both board members who voted in favor of the plan are Democrats, who assert that state law allows candidates to choose how they want their name to appear on the ballot.

The lone dissenting vote came from a Republican, who argues the ballot gives candidates with capitalized names an unfair advantage.

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