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IRA Bombs Soldiers’ Married Quarters; Warns Families to Quit Province

November 10, 1988

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) _ The Irish Republican Army warned British soldiers today to get their families out of Northern Ireland or face attacks on their living quarters.

The warning followed a car bombing Tuesday night that extensively damaged a military housing complex at Campsie, four miles outside the north coast city of Londonderry, police said.

The IRA gave a warning 30 minutes before the blast and the area was quickly evacuated, but two policemen were treated for shock and a soldier sustained cuts, police said.

On Wednesday, in a statement circulated to Irish media, the IRA took responsibility for the bombing and said: ″We now warn all military personnel that they must remove their families from the occupied north of Ireland.″

Married quarters have not been a target of the IRA in recent years in the outlawed organization’s campaign to rid Northern Ireland of British rule and unite it with the Irish Republic.

But the statement said: ″All army housing estates, or similar identifiable areas, henceforward will be liable to attack.″

″No longer can the IRA tolerate the ridiculous situation where British soldiers can come into nationalist areas, raid and systematically wreck homes, harass people, make arrests and then retire just a few miles away to the comfort of their families,″ the statement said.

By ″nationalist areas,″ the IRA was referring to Catholic districts where it draws its support, and which are the focus of military and police counter- insurgency measures.

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