CHELTENHAM, England (AP) _ A sword-wielding man killed a Liberal Democrat party aide and injured a lawmaker Friday at an office crowded with constituents, police said.

The aide, who was not immediately identified, was believed to have been stabbed at least 10 times.

Liberal Democrat lawmaker Nigel Jones, 51, suffered cuts to his hands and arms and was taken to a hospital in Cheltenham, about 100 miles northwest of London. He was not believed to be seriously injured.

The party said it knew of no motive for the attack and Jones had not received any threats beforehand.

Witnesses told the British Broadcasting Corp. that a man was chased up the street, still carrying the sword, after the attack. A man was taken into custody, the BBC reported.

Graham Norton said his neighbor, David Copson, had held the party aide in his arms and tried to resuscitate him.

``He tried his best to save this man and gave him mouth-to-mouth, but he said there was a hole in the man's stomach,'' Norton said.

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy said he was horrified by the attack.

``Members of Parliament make themselves available to their constituents,'' he said. ``It is tragic that an MP and his staff, carrying out their duties, should be subjected to an appalling attack of this nature.''

Jones won the Cheltenham seat in 1992 and has been the party's spokesman on local government and housing, science and technology, consumer affairs and culture, media and sports.