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NEW YORK (AP) _ Actor Hugh Jackman has a new passion, thanks to his ``Kate & Leopold'' co-star Meg Ryan.

``Meg's really turned me on to yoga,'' Jackman told People magazine in its April 2 issue. ``I'm becoming a fanatic. I may end up like Sting.''

Jackman explained that a friend was seated behind the yoga-obsessed rock star on a recent flight to London. ``All (my friend) could see was two legs sticking up in the air. He looked over the seat, and there was Sting doing yoga _ for hours!

``So if you see long, hairy legs on a plane, it could be me.''

Jackman, 32, was one of the stars of ``X-Men.'' His new film with Ashley Judd and Greg Kinnear, ``Someone Like You,'' opens in theaters March 30.