PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Two white police officers accused of suffocating a black motorist were just doing what they were trained to do, a defense lawyer said as the officers' retrial began Wednesday.

Lt. Milton Mulholland and Officer Michael Albert are accused of involuntary manslaughter in the October 1995 death of Jonny Gammage.

Three suburban white officers were initially charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case. Sgt. John Vojtas was acquitted last fall. The first trial of Mulholland and Albert ended in a mistrial after a coroner blurted out improper testimony during their trial.

On Wednesday, attorney Patrick Thomassey said testimony would show that Mulholland and Albert did nothing wrong in the minutes before Gammage's death.

``These guys did this by the book,'' said Thomassey, Mulholland's lawyer.

Thomassey said that Gammage, 31, set the chain of events in motion by failing to cooperate with the officers who stopped him for tapping his brakes as he drove his Jaguar through Brentwood, a Pittsburgh suburb.

The officers have said Gammage forced them to restrain him when he lunged at them. He stopped breathing while police held him on the ground.

Prosecutor Edward Borkowski told jurors that Gammage's injuries will show that officers used too much force. Autopsy evidence will show 19 cuts and bruises, a swollen brain and internal hemorrhaging in his throat, neck, back and eyes, he said.

Thomassey said police followed their training by escalating slowly from a verbal demand to physical restraint.

``When a police officer tells you you are under arrest, you have to comply,'' he said.

The Jaguar that Gammage was driving belonged to his cousin, Ray Seals, then a defensive lineman for the National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers. Seals now plays for the Carolina Panthers.