Don’t attack judges for their faith -- Larry Holterman

March 7, 2019

Democrats exposed their anti-Catholic bias during various confirmation hearings, saying Catholic candidates’ convictions would impede the discharge of their judicial duties.

Democrat senators proposed that Brian Buescher, U.S. District Court nominee in Nebraska, resign his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus, a Roman Catholic service organization, because of its “extreme positions” on issues, such as a baby’s right to life.

Biased attacks on people of faith are raging against Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn. Being a person of faith doesn’t mean a judge will rule on cases based on his religious beliefs any more than being gay means a judge would rule based on his sexual orientation. Being a person of faith does not disqualify you from serving your country.

As a proud member of the Knights of Columbus, I am offended by these Democrats’ attacks. The Knights of Columbus do many charitable services and donate significant funds to those in need.

Our country will be well served by electing a judge of faith such as Hagedorn or any judge who holds the Knights of Columbus “extreme positions” of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.

Stand against these shameful attacks and vote for Judge Hagedorn April 2.

Larry Holterman, Milton