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On The Light Side

August 1, 1986

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) _ Next door, men were laughing. Across the street, young boys were heard to shout. But there was no joy in Tim Pohle’s heart, for when he went to court, he struck out.

Pohle, 30, went to bat in small claims court in an attempt to collect $700 in damages from baseball teams he claims cracked his truck’s windshield and put 28 dents in the vinyl siding of his home with batted balls.

But a Wake County magistrate ruled Pohle’s case out of play, saying the Capital Area Semi-Pro Baseball League didn’t commit any errors.

″Baseballs, when they hit ‘em, they hit my house and hit my car,″ he said, adding that the balls from Fleming Field, across the street from his home, always managed to miss his neighbors’ homes.

″I’m not satisfied that there’s a duty in this situation for them to not play baseball,″ Magistrate A. Bartlett White said during the hearing.

The league stopped playing at Fleming Field after repeated complaints from Pohle to the league, town commissioners and the Wake County Community School System, which owns the park.


TOWER LAKES, Ill. (AP) - The police chief in this tiny Chicago suburb would gladly take a bite out of crime if it were there to be bitten.

For two years, according to the Illinois Uniform Crime Report, the village has reported no murder, no rape, no arson, no car theft, no burglary - not even any shoplifting.

And each year, after the report was published, the news media seemed to throw a fright into the community by coming out to fuss over the little village that crime forgot.

″Everybody gets nervous,″ said Police Chief Ed Zamiski.

″The TV or newspapers do a little thing on us, and then for a month and a half or two months I get a whole bunch of calls at 3 or 4 in the morning from people who think they have prowlers trying to break in.″

The last time a burglary was reported in Tower Lakes, about 10 miles north of Barrington, was in 1983. Zamiski said a murder or rape has never been reported in the village’s 20-year history.

Eight other Illinois small towns have reported no serious crime in the past two years, according to state police records.

The longest shutout streak is held by Wamac, population 1,665, in Marion County. That town has had eight years of nothing but good news to report.

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