Your Style: Angela Lako

November 18, 2018
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Angela Lako

Farm girl to career woman. That is how Angela Lako describes herself and her style.

Executive director and administrator of Grand Meadow Senior Living in Grand Meadow, Lako said, “I grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota. It is 35 miles northwest of Fargo. And after college entered the business world.”

“My first degree was in interior design, so creativity is in my genes,” Lako said, adding that her love of imagination and ingenuity helped determine her career path.

“I worked for General Motors for 15 years as an auto body designer. When the automotive industry was experiencing financial issues, I decided to change careers and moved to South Dakota and worked as an administrator for four years.”

Then, she said, she and her husband, Rob, and their son, Robbie, moved to Rochester to be closer to family, where she is enjoying her work and Grand Meadow and the family’s life here.

“I love that Rochester has so much to offer on a cultural level,” Lako said. “The downtown area has so many one-of-a-kind boutiques and antique shops. The city continues to grow, but still has a look and feel of small town charm.”

How do you describe your style?

Eccentric. Energetic. Colorful.

Where did your style originate?

From my mother. When I was young she sewed all of my clothes and she would go the extra mile to add special details and embellishments. Today, I will take an ordinary piece of clothing and make it my own by sewing on embellishments such as lace, rhinestones, sequins, interesting buttons and embroidered patches.

What do you hope your style communicates when working and in other settings?

No matter the setting, I am very detail-oriented, full of life, confident and comfortable being true to myself. For work, I enjoy dressing in professional attire and adding my own special touches to reflect my personality.

The most essential components in your wardrobe?

Each and every item is equally essential when putting an outfit together.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

I love to go antiquing and searching for vintage jewelry.

Coveted pieces?

I have a brooch and earring set that were my grandmother’s that are iridescent pink, purple and red rhinestones that I cherish the most. Whenever or wherever an opportunity to go antiquing presents itself, I will go exploring.

Are you a purse or tote person?

I love Kate Spade handbags and totes. I always carry a handbag and utilize a tote to carry my laptop to and from work.

Shoe and boot preferences?

I do wear my furry UGG boots in the wonderful Minnesota winters. When I get to work I put on my high heels. Staff and residents are always amazed by my shoes and how I can walk in my heels all day throughout the facility.

Things in your wardrobe people would find surprising?

I do wear T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants around the house, but no one believes me.

Favorite colors to wear?

I love all colors. For me it is all about mixing various colors and patterns.

Preferred season in terms of clothing?

Fall and winter because you can layer your top with a jacket or sweater and accessorize with a fun pair of tights.

Have to ask, does your home décor reflect your style?

Yes, my home decor is very colorful and eclectic with touches of bling, just like my style. I will take a rustic wooden candlestick or a plain pillow and add ribbon or a brooch with colorful rhinestones.

Advice for readers?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear clothing that highlights who you truly are.

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