Readers chime in on charter schools, Tanyard traffic

February 6, 2019

One of the contentious issues involved in the omnibus education bill approved Monday by the West Virginia Senate is that it would allow for charter schools, which current state law does not allow.

A guest opinion column appearing in Sunday’s The Herald-Dispatch by Huntington resident and parent Chase Thacker argued that parents are best equipped to determine where their children should attend school and should have the right to do so.

Here are some reactions from online readers to his column:

Josh Brown: “Parents do need to be empowered because many of them are failing as parents. Instead of admitting these failures, it has become too easy to just point fingers at our underfunded public school system. We have too many parents not teaching their children that education is important. We have too many parents not wanting to teach discipline to their children. We have too many parents wanting to be their child’s ‘best friend’ instead of being their parent. We have too many parents not helping their child with their studies because they would rather put a smart phone or tablet in the child’s hands to keep them occupied for hours. Providing parents with school choice isn’t going to improve these issues or their parenting. Also, school choice is about segregation. Plain and simple. Segregation comes in many forms. It’s about keeping your child from attending school with a minority, or the poor kids, or the children with special needs. If you don’t want your children to attend the public schools, fine that’s your decision. Open up your checkbook and send them to a private school. Just don’t ask to steal my tax dollars to pay for sending your child to a for-profit charter school.

Mindy Dunston: “I completely disagree. It’s about giving the parents of those kids the choice of where to send their children. Currently low-income families don’t have the option of sending their children to private schools. School choice would make that a possibility.”

Tim Spears: “School choice and education savings accounts allow me to divert SOME of my tax dollars to an education source I believe in, versus all of my tax dollars going to support a public system I do not use.”

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