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On the Light Side

May 17, 1985

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (AP) _ Bank teller Timothy Wat knew the check the customer gave him looked familiar.

″I thought, ’This is my check and it isn’t my handwriting,‴ said Wat, whose checkbook had been stolen when his car was burglarized in April.

″And then it hit me - that it’s my check and it’s stolen,″ he said. ″I literally was ready to go over the counter after the guy, but I decided to contact police.″

Police arrested John Albert Law, 19, of Mountain View at First Interstate Bank on Monday for investigation of forgery.


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - When two men tried to stick up a Chinese restaurant all they got were fortune cookies with slips that might have read: ″This is not your day for a robbery.″

″I didn’t lose anything. I think I am lucky,″ said Sit Chiu Ng, 31-year- old owner of the Marbo Chinese Restaurant.

Ng told investigators the store was closed and he was on the telephone Tuesday night when two armed men walked in demanding that he empty the cash register. One ripped the phone cord from the wall.

When they ordered him to open the register, he told them that he couldn’t because the power was off.

Ng said he told them to plug the yanked wires back into the wall socket. ″They asked, ’Do you have money in there?,‴ said Ng. ″I said no.″

The men became nervous and left through the kitchen.

Acutally, power wasn’t the problem with the register. ″I lied to them,″ the restaurateur admitted.

Ng didn’t know the cookies were missing until a Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy found a trail of crumbled cookies outside the restaurant.

″I never counted the fortune cookies,″ said Ng. ″That’s small.″


DENVER (AP) - A baby kangaroo appears to be adapting to the man-made pouch that became his home when his mother evicted him and he was adopted by a zookeeper.

Denver zookeeper Cindy Bickel has become 6-month-old Kangaroo Pete’s surrogate mother since his forced independence five weeks ago. She carries Pete around in a pouch-like baby carrier, takes him home at night and gives around-the-clock feedings.

Downing baby food and seven bottles of infant formula a day, Pete has gained nearly a pound since his adoption, Ms. Bickel said. He is sleeping through the night, growing more hair and beginning to hop and graze, she said.

Pete was taken from his mother when she was anesthetized last month at the zoo hospital for a jaw infection, the zookeeper said, and refused to take Pete back.

Paul Linger, assistant director of the zoo, said the mother kangaroo reacted instinctively when she was placed in the hospital’s alien environment. He said she was ″preparing to flee.″ Booting out her baby was a way to ″lighten her load,″ he said.

″She can always grow another one,″ Linger said, explaining that female kangaroos spend most of their lives pregnant. They may have dozens of offspring but only five or six will live to maturity.

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